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Five Water-Wise Innovations That Will Help California’s Drought

Five Water-Wise Innovations That Will Help California’s Drought

California, The 8th largest economy in the world is facing unprecedented drought conditions which are poised to set records and change the lives of millions of people. Despite all the doom and gloom experts are foretelling, there’ is some good news coming from the product development space. We’re incredibly happy that these five Water-wise innovations are finally getting the attention they deserve.

1. Aqus Greywater Recycling System

AQUS can reduce metered water usage in a two–person household by about 10 to 20 gallons a day – or approximately 5,000 gallons a year. In addition to conserving water, the AQUS helps save money by...

Share your Contacts and Calendars

Share your Contacts and Calendars

  • January 16, 2018
  • by

A number of tools have been developed to facilitate the sharing of contact information for OS X users. The tools are geared for small to medium sized environments which require individuals to contribute to, and access a centrally shared address book. Several iterations of the tools address different aspects and options. The projects rely heavily...

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