Focus Is The Secret To Product Development Success

  • March 25, 2018
  • by

At the center of all world-class product development lies a focused and passionate team comprised of people that know how to work together in a symbiotic relationship.

Building a culture with innovation at the center requires a team comprised of diverse thinkers who are driven by solving both simple and complicated problems by any means possible. Truly impactful products are built by teams that embrace challenges that those before them have labeled impossible. There’s no doubt that when capable and focused designers and engineers come together, magic happens.

Focus on both large and small tasks is tantamount to seeing a product reach its’ fullest potential. The ability for a team to focus on the smallest details of the problem demonstrates a strong discipline in process. It’s a fine balance between extreme focus and keeping an eye on the bigger picture to make sure ideas and projects do not get too siloed and cut off from reality.

At LaNPDT we use a process that identifies the largest challenges of a product first and then create a strategy based on needs of the product. The best products in the current marketplace are the result of focused teams figuring out the bleeding edge and most difficult challenges first.  We start with the design, materials, functional specifications and then human factors. Areas for innovation are identified, and everything is considered with design for manufacturability in mind.

Experience aside, we suggest following a rigid product development strategy and documenting every detail along the way.

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